Core values

Quality standards
& Safety

We always put the goal of "quality life" first. Always focus on imported materials that meet standards to create products. To get standard products to consumers, we focus on each imported material - each production line completely following the standards of the Ministry of Health, complying with international standards on production and control. quality.

For a pharmaceutical company, core values are often related to ensuring quality, safety, and making a positive contribution to public health.

For a pharmaceutical manufacturing company, principles and standards related to quality assurance, safety and positive contributions to public health are always emphasized.

  • Quality and Safety build trust for customers and the medical community, ensuring quality and high-performance products that do not harm users.
  • Research and development create many new products and improve efficiency, bringing the company to a pioneering position in the pharmaceutical industry.

For partners & customers

“Prestige with partners & customers”

Build strong, long-term relationships with customers. Support customers in the business process and product use. Solve any problems quickly. Always collect feedback from partners and customers to improve the business's products and services.

Security of partner and customer information ensures security and respect for privacy.


Phuong Dong aims to become a leading brand in Vietnam and reach international level in the pharmaceutical industry. Along with constantly improving product quality, Phuong Dong wishes to make an important contribution to protecting human health with the motto "For quality of life".


Vietnam is a strongly developing country, in which people's health is one of the core factors for the country's steady development. Therefore, our mission is to converge aspirations and talents towards the guiding principle of "Community Health Care", For us, each patient is a relative, a family, so each product manufactured by Phuong Dong will always have the best quality, brings the highest efficiency and reaches consumers at the most reasonable price.


We are committed to strictly complying with professional ethical requirements, investing in new technologies, fully comply with all regulatory requirements, strictly apply the highest quality standards and always put customer safety first. Customer benefits are closely linked to the development of Phuong Dong and each of Phuong Dong's employees.

Orient because

Responsibility to

Responsibility to employees is one of the core values that Phuong Dong has been determined to maintain since its early days of establishment. The Board of Directors understands that behind the development of a business are the tireless efforts of each member, and even the wholehearted support from their families.

At Phuong Dong, we value the spirit of learning and solidarity from our staff and investing in people is the most profitable investment. For that reason, officers and employees at Phuong Dong are always given the maximum conditions to study, develop professional skills, and improve their skills through many diverse forms such as vocational training, job training, and job training. The former guides those who follow, organizes specialized seminars to update pharmaceutical knowledge, etc.

Besides, at Phuong Dong, we do not have a gap between leaders and employees. By regularly organizing team building sessions inside and outside the business, incorporating messages promoting humanity, love and solidarity between each member, thereby improving the health of all members. on the physical and mental health of the company's employees.