Pharmaceuticals are products used for the purpose of diagnosing, treating, curing, preventing, and preventing diseases in humans. They have clear uses, indications and contraindications.

Oriental medicine

Oriental medicine or medicine from medicinal herbs is a product prepared, combining natural ingredients, with the effect of curing diseases, improving health and body function. Oriental medicine ingredients are mainly natural medicinal herbs, with medicinal properties, combined based on the principles: five elements, yin and yang, pharmacological activity...


Cosmeceuticals are nutritional and beauty products, researched, prepared and tested according to strict regulations as pharmaceuticals.

Medical equipment

Medical equipment is all types of equipment, implantable supplies, tools, materials, in vitro reagents and calibrators, and software that simultaneously meets the following requirements:

  • Used individually or in combination with each other as directed by the owner of the medical equipment to serve
  • For humans for one or more of the following purposes:

    • Diagnose, prevent, monitor, treat and alleviate disease or compensate for damage or injury
    • Check, replace, adjust or support anatomy and physiological processes
    • Supports or sustains life
    • Conception control
    • Disinfection of medical equipment
    • Providing information for diagnosis, monitoring, and treatment through testing samples originating from the human body.
  • Do not use pharmacological, immunological or metabolic mechanisms in or on the human body or if these mechanisms are used, they are only of a supporting nature to achieve the purposes specified above.

Health Protection

Health Supplement, Dietary Supplement are products used to supplement the daily diet to maintain, enhance and improve the functions of the human body. , reducing the risk of disease. Health protection foods contain one or more substances or a mixture of the following substances:

  • Vitamins, minerals, amino acids, fatty acids, enzymes, probiotics and other biologically active substances
  • Substances of natural origin, including animals, minerals and plants in the form of extracts, isolates, concentrates and transformations
  • Combined sources of the components mentioned in points a and b above.

Health protection foods are presented in processed forms such as capsules, tablets, granules, powders, liquids and other dosage forms and are dosed (for use) into small dose units.

Nutritional Foods

Medical nutritional food, also known as nutritional food for special medical purposes (Food for Special Medical Purposes, Medical Food), is a type of food that can be eaten by mouth or by inhaler, and is indicated for Adjust the patient's diet and only use under the supervision of medical staff.

Food Supplements

Food supplements are conventional foods supplemented with micronutrients and health-beneficial elements such as vitamins, minerals, amino acids, fatty acids, enzymes, probiotics, prebiotics and other biologically active substances.